Capital H2O Systems is the local representative for a diverse group of Canadian, US and international manufacturers of high quality water and wastewater equipment.  All of our staff are factory trained by our manufacturing partners, and we have the knowledge and experience to make the most appropriate and cost-effective recommendations for your application.

Contact us for technical information tailored to your application.

ProMinent Fluid Controls

ProMinent offers a full range of solenoid and motor-driven diaphgram pumps, and peristaltic hose pumps for handling of any chemical. ProMinent’s applications engineering team can work with you to provide fully customized skid-mounted systems, with any configuration, specialized accessories, control panels, etc.

ProMinent’s reagentless residual chlorine analyzers offer an economical and low-maintenance alternative to conventional DPD-based online analyzers.  Save on monthly chemical change-outs, and see changes in water quality immediately with continuous analyzer output.  Free and total chlorine configurations are available.

ProMinent also offers a full line of continuous and batch-flow dry polymer makedown systems.

With thousands of satisfied customers across Alberta and throughout Canada, trust ProMinent for your chemical feed and on-line analysis applications.

De Nora (formerly Severn Trent)

De Nora Water Technologies (formerly Severn Trent Water Purification) is the world leading specialist in chlorination.  Their products include:

  • Complete gas chlorination systems – vacuum regulators, automatic control valves, ejectors, chlorine gas detectors, accessories
  • Chlorine gas scrubbers – dry media systems suitable for Canadian conditions (-40C tested)
  • ClorTec on-site chlorine generation systems – the market leader in Alberta and across Canada for safe on-site generation of 0.8% sodium hypochlorite solution
  • On-line residual chlorine analyzers

Blue-White Industries

Capital H2O Systems is the exclusive distributor of Blue-White’s ProSeries-M peristaltic tube pumps in Alberta.  The ProSeries-M pumps offer 10,000:1 turndown, with capacities up to 600 L/h and up to 125 psi.  Peristaltic pumps are particularly popular in sodium hypochlorite and ammonia applications, where chemical offgassing is a concern.  With only one wear part – the tube – peristaltic pumps are very simple to operate and maintain.

Scaletron Industries Ltd.

Scaletron Industries is well known as the industry leader in corrosion resistance technology for scales used in the harsh environments of the municipal drinking water and waste water treatment industry, as well as for use in industrial water and waste water treatment. Our scales are designed specifically for monitoring usage, feed rate and inventory of water treatment and other process chemicals.  Scales are offered for weighing of gas cylinder, tonner, chemical tanks and totes.  A number of transmitter options are available to you to suit your application and budget.


ASA Analytics develops and manufactures the well-known ChemScan line of automatic chemical analysis systems for real-time online water and wastewater monitoring and control.

Capital H2O Systems is responsible for over 70 installed units of ChemScan in Western Canada.  They are used in the following applications:

  • Nutrient monitoring – ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, ortho-phosphorus
    • Wastewater secondary effluent or late – no filtration required
    • Wastewater bioreactor, with engineered pre-filtration system
  • Drinking water chloramination monitoring – monochloramine, free and total ammonia, total chlorine
  • UVT monitoring

ASA recently released the ChemScan mini line of single-stream, single-parameter analyzers for specific applications.

SAF-T-FLO Chemical Injection

SAF-T-FLO specializes in manufacturing chemical injection quills and sampling probes for chemical feed systems in the municipal, industrial, and commercial water treatment industries. We customize each injection assembly to fit the needs of the individual application, while also stocking common components for quick delivery.

Komax Systems

Komax offers the patented Triple Action and wafer style mixers for rapid mixing of chemicals into the water and wastewater streams.

Mixers are available in PVC, carbon steel, stainless steel and fibreglass, to suit any application requirements.

Fluid Dynamics Inc.

Fluid Dynamics is a specialized manufacturer of polymer makedown systems.  Their offerings include:

  • dynaBLEND liquid polymer makedown system, with the patented dynaBLEND chamber
  • dynaJET dry polymer makedown system

Kusters Water

For more than 30 years the Kusters Water team has been introducing new and innovative technologies to the wastewater indsutry.  Their diverse portfolio of offerings include:

  • Headworks screens – multi-rake bar screens, perforated plate screens, band screens and spiral screens
  • Grit removal and classification systems
  • Clarifiers and thickener design – including the patented LA-EDI high performance energy dissipating inlet
    • Hydraulic clarifier and thickener drive systems – The most technically advanced overload system available.

INVENT Environmental Technologies

INVENT offers innovative mixing solutions for water and wastewater basins.  Their non-ragging, non-clogging hyperboloid mixer design is fluid mechanically optimized to provide the most energy-efficient and complete basin mixing available.  Mixers are effective at concentrations as high as 8% solids.

Their products include:

  • HyperClassic mixer – for anaerobic, anoxic and swing zones; sludge mixing tanks; large wastewater channels (eliminate grit deposition); lift station mixing applications
  • HyperClassic combination mixer/aerator – for swing zones; aerobic digesters
  • Cyberflow flow accelerator – for oxidation ditch / Carrousel systems

Aquarius Technologies

Aquarius Technologies offers fine and coarse bubble diffusion systems for wastewater treatment.  Their fine bubble diffusion system has  been independently tested to provide as much as 5% aeration energy savings over conventional disc diffusion systems.  When up to 60% of your WWTP operational costs is on aeration, Aquarius diffusion technology can help you realize significant long term savings.

The company consists of a group of dedicated engineers, scientists and other professionals focused on providing cost-effective solutions to wastewater treatment problems.  Aquarius manufactures all of its equipment in their US facilities, and enforces a strict QA/QC system to ensure final product quality.

Kaeser Compressors

Kaeser offers positive displacement blowers for water and wastewater applications, including:

  • Wastewater and lagoon aeration
  • Filter and membrane air scour
  • Pneumatic conveyance (e.g. salt transfer)

Kaeser blowers use a three-lobe rotary block design, which minimizes pulsation in the outlet piping.  Acoustic enclosures ensure quiet and efficient operation.  Complete blower packages with VFDs are a.  All parts are easily accessible for service on site.

Service centres for Kaeser equipment are located across Western Canada.

Anue Water Technologies

Eliminate the cost and hassle of chemical injection from your collection system!  Use oxygen instead – it’s the ultimate solution, AND there is an unlimited supply all around you.  Anue Water Technologies provides innovative infused oxygenation systems for forcemain and lift station odour and corrosion control.

Olympus Technologies Inc.

Olympus Technologies is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of digester covers.  They are able to manufacture any type of cover to your specifications – fixed, floating or gasholding covers.   OTI also offers sludge heat exchangers and draft tube mixing systems for digester applications.  All facets of equipment manufacturing including engineering support, equipment design, product fabrication and finishing, testing, shipping and field services are provided by OTI’s in-house expertise.

Nova Water Technologies

Nova’s new Quantum tertiary disc filter has features offered by no one else:

  • Dynamic-tangential filtration, with continuously rotating discs
  • Stainless steel filter media – Title 22 certified up to 16 gpm/ft2, the highest in the industry
  • Smallest disc filtration footprint of any manufacturer
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Standalone tank or concrete tank installations
  • NO perimeter disc seals
  • NO roller chains, sprockets, internal bushings or bearings
  • <1% reject water

Napier-Reid Inc.

Napier-Reid is a globally recognized Canadian engineering company with proven expertise in design and manufacture of high-quality, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions for industries and municipalities.  Their offerings include:

  • Package WTP systems – Fe/Mn removal, ion exchange, membrane filtration, DAF
  • Package WWTP systems – SBR, RBC, EA
  • Clarifier and thickener mechanisms
  • Custom engineering projects for retrofit applications


Milos Krofta developed the DAF system beginning in 1948. Through evolving applications of his inventions, Krofta led the acceptance of DAF worldwide as the ideal technology for multiple wastewater challenges. In many industries, the name Krofta became synonymous with the most broadly accepted and installed DAF technology.

Today, Krofta Technologies continues to lead with the highest quality DAF products and with unmatched expertise in wastewater engineering applications of DAF. Our innovative and cost-effective technologies are the remedy to contaminated water sources, prevent further pollution, and recover valuable materials. Across industrial applications of steel, paper, petroleum, a wide range of food production and municipal water and wastewater, Krofta DAFs are providing the solution to wastewater treatment and recovery of resources.


Aysix provides on-line DO and TSS analysis systems for secondary treatment monitoring.  Their probes are designed to be virtually maintenance free – every probe has a cleaning connection for compressed air feed for in-situ cleaning.  Single, dual or multi-channel systems are available to suit your specific application requirements.

Aysix Technologies process instrumentation is designed to deliver low maintenance, reliable, and accurate operation. Our products are designed from the customers’ perspective to solve problems, and provide years of increased efficiency.

Spiral Engineering

Spiral Engineering, located in the Montreal area, provides custom-engineered shafted and shaftless conveyor systems for WTP, WWTP and industrial applications.

BDP Industries

BDP Industries the manufacturer of the popular and reliable “3DP” belt filter press, gravity belt thickeners, rotary drum thickeners, and screw presses.    BDP staff covers all facets of our business and everything is done in house to offer full system capability from R&D to engineering to manufacturing.  Lab facilities are available for sample testing.

Metcon Sales and Engineering

Metcon, based in the Toronto area, offers the Hogwash septage receiving system and dry chemical preparation systems (e.g. powder activated carbon) for municipal applications.